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  • Allows developers who specialize in Microsoft technologies to participate in online practice tests
  • Allow users to submit questions and answers in the form of multiple choice and true and false questions.
  • Contains multiple tests that can be anything related to Information Technology
  • Registered users can get access to 1751 questions
  • Registered users can view their past scores.
  • Registered users can choose questions for their own quiz and then answer their own quiz at any time.
  • Registered users can save a test in progress and continue later on (Excl. random tests). Tests progress is also automatically saved on each question
  • Users can view other tests currently being taken

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C# MVC .Net SQL All Topics
Chiajna,Ilfov,Romania sonyc1090
Minsk,Minskaya voblasts poluputin
Vellore,Tamil Nadu,India roshini
Auckland,Auckland,New Zealand rodrigo
Blagnac,Occitanie,France ravaka
Mountain View,California,United States xda
Vellore,Tamil Nadu,India roshini

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C# ASP.NET MVC .Net Framework SQL All Topics
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